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Let’s talk about the word “welcome”.


At Strive we know that, with commitment, everyone can achieve their personal goals. That’s why we invite our students to aim high.


Strive’s owner and principle instructor, Sensei Michèle O’Leary (2nd Degree Black Belt; Karate/Kickboxing World Champion 2009), provides the support, flexibility and encouragement to ALL of Strive’s students to reach their full potential.

Sensei Michèle understands that everyone is unique. Michèle works closely with each of her students to find a starting point that works for the individual, ensuring that challenges do not become barriers to success. Under Sensei Michèle’s careful attention, everyone can strive and succeed!











Meet Our Founder

Founder / Head Instructor

Sensei Michele O'Leary

Michèle holds a Yondan- Forth Dan Black Belt in Shotokan and Chito-ryu.

She is a sought-after trainer designing her classes to motivate and educate both children and adults. Michèle loves to encourage and push others to be the best they can be. She leads by example and enjoys seeing her students achieve successes in fitness but also in their personal lives.

Michèle’s passion for fitness and martial arts began when she was eight years old when she first joined Karate. Michèle later trained in Kickboxing and Boxing, winning the Kickboxing / Karate Gold Medal at the 2009 WKC World Championships in Dublin Ireland.

Michèle continues to improve her skills and broaden her experience and is currently studying Muay Thai where she trained in Thailand. Michele is also a Green Belt in Isshinryu Karate and working towards achieving a second black belt.


"Michele and the entire Strive team deliver an inclusive, energetic, and dedicated approach to karate. This is 100% something you won’t find from a typical commercial dojo. My daughter joined her classes almost a year ago, and as a shy, artsy, and hearing impaired kid I didn’t know what to expect. In the end, I could not have asked for a better experience for her; she always feels like part of the group and Michele has a really special knack for knowing exactly what motivates a particular kid. My son also joined the kinder classes, which have been a great way to introduce him to the basics. We hope to be with the Strive family for many more years and I would highly recommend this dojo to anyone looking for a safe, inclusive, fun, and supportive space to try karate."

-Yvonne James

"Starting karate as an adult was a bit of an intimidating step for me. Luckily, I met Sensei Michele, who quickly changed my perspective on this. Karate became much more than a sport and Sensei Michele much more than a gifted teacher. With each lesson, I grew stronger and more confident. Sensei Michele balances each lesson skillfully around the point you think you can't do something, and then surprises you with the fact you can. You learn to persist, to think positively, to respect your body, and most of all, to see each obstacle in your way as an opportunity. Coaching me all the way from my white belt to my black belt, Sensei Michele has given me many life lessons that have helped me become a more confident, persistent, and positive person."

-Laura Jansen 

"My kids love taking karate with Michele! She makes it a safe, fun, and stress-free environment for them to learn and grow in."

-Tahira Ismail

"It’s a great community, everyone is very nice and supportive. Very good Senseis and they are very nice."

-Isaac Buell


Email us to register!

613-859-0702 |

3955 Old Richmond Road, Ottawa, ON, K2H 5C5



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